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FMCG Software

In a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry the dispute is to increase Endurance by customer commitment. Since information of stocks on the reefs and timely replenishment is the key to resolution. There is also a need to seamlessly produce a highly personalized adventure for your consumers by implementing perceptibility of your stocks on the reefs for them to make choices.

Adjusting furnishing to customer inclination with getting timely and precise feedback is a constant effort for product development and production planning. LAABAMONE ERP for FMCG can help you to wait, plan and control needed for productive client goods and products, and to go beyond the expectations of even the important customers. FMCG also controls many popular products which implicate the efficient understanding of demographics and geographic locations for describing arrangement provision. Magnificent systematic reports help LAABAMONE ERP users to find out which products are marketing in which areas, periodical diversions, and client different. This helps the organization to plan better. Backward and forward planning with volume service remits necessary tools to plan better fulfillment of demand.

LAABAMONE ERP helps you plan endowment logistics for consumer goods and helps you overcome the challenges you face on a daily basis. LAABAMONE ERP for FMCG software solutions is an end-to-end distribution management software solution that beyond the usual resource planning to provide budget planning from sales to purchase to Finance, Financial Management, Product Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and much more. Without the use of ERP software, an FMCG company faces the problem of stock rotation. That is dispatch of old stock first. It is difficult to determine stock and the warehouses where the stock is stored. It also becomes difficult to control growth and heterogeneity of the company. Managing multiple frequency channels, comparing cost while being competitive, Quality assurance is some of the challenges for an FMCG company without ERP.

ERP ensures first in first out of stock. Inventory can be managed adequately with product expiry feature. There is detailed barcode thus validation is strictly enforced. The stock can also be matched with the one in the warehouse.It ensures that people don't do repeated tasks as ERP is a robust and combined system which streamlines all business processes of an FMCG company. Handling of many and complex sales offers becomes easy. It becomes possible to calculate profitability in different dimensions. Managing Distribution Efficiency and getting a snapshot of all distributors can be done effortlessly.

Salespeople can be tracked without any problem. Sales promotion can be reported and items can be traced through ERP software. It also permits Mechanism to track pending Receivable and Payable claims. An ERP system helps in inventory management by holding a track of stock by lot/serial numbers. It supports Procurement Planning and aging Analysis of Stock. It also helps to manage various order types and Bulk dispatch of products. Accounts Receivable and Accounts payable can be managed properly. Its compliance Management Module helps to meet the rightful requirements.

All kinds of Reports required in an FMCG company can be generated through ERP. They can also be transported to Excel. ERP also has a drill-down option to get complete information from the reports.LAABAMONE ERP is an end-to-end interspersed solution to tackle all the problems of an FMCG company investing Inventory supervision, Sales & Advertisement activities, Accounting Transactions, Compliance Management, Quality checks etc.



  • LAABAMONE ERP for FMCG provides a hawk-eye view of the business that encompasses all functions and departments

  • It provides a unified database where all the business transactions are entered, recorded, processed, monitored and reported

  • Eliminates likelihood of errors caused by human intervention

  • It offers one central database with no duplication of data

  • The same look-and-feel across the whole system, making training and using LAABAMONE ERP very straightforward

  • Gets you company-with reports of all the functions

  • Helps you avoid product stock-outs

  • Data of all stores and warehouses can be consolidated easily over the internet


Pricing Plan

1 Month


  • GST filing free
  • SMS Integration
  • 50 SMS per month
  • Email Integration
  • Handle up to 1 Company

2 Year


  • GST filing free
  • SMS Integration
  • 100 SMS per month
  • Email Integration
  • Handle up to 3 Company

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Laabamone ERP Software
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Laabamone ERP Software

laabamone Laabamone Business solutions offer a wide spectrum of products which include Laabamone ERP software.
163C/1, Kamarajar Salai, Opp. to TVS Show room, Near Ganesh Theatre Signal, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, IN
0452 - 4243616


laabamone Madurai, Tamilnadu, IN Laabamone ERP Software
Laabamone ERP Software laabamone
163C/1, Kamarajar Salai, Opp. to TVS Show room, Near Ganesh Theatre Signal, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, IN
0452 - 4243616
Tamilnadu, India

Laabamone ERP Software

Laabamone Business solutions offer a wide spectrum of products which include Laabamone ERP software.
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Laabamone ERP Software laabamone
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