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ERP for Wholesale and Distributors

The trend of using ERP for manufacturing in wholesale and distribution have been declining since manufacturing ERP does not cover all the basic needs of the Wholesale and Distributors. The ERP for wholesale and Distributors help's the business in four major areas which are -


  • Distribution process mangement
  • Supply chain management
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Back-office operations


Distribution process management

           There are multiple areas of focus in Distribution process management which are


  • Distribution requirements planning ( DRP )
  • Sales Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Quality Management
  • Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )


Distribution requirement planning ( DRP ) 

                       Wholesalers and Distributors use these planning engines to handle their multiple needs While planning a successful distribution process of goods or raw materials.

Sales Management

                     It used to keep track of the orders placed by customers and also to track their order status. They can also manage different process such as Inventory allocation, Returned goods support, different pricing agreements.

Purchasing management

                     It is to keep track of procurement of raw materials, finished products. And also to maintain the record of Contract terms and supplier's compliance.

Quality management

                   This process is implemented in order to maintain high-quality standards of products. And to also to ensure that the organization complies with rules and regulations of all country.

Customer relationship management ( CRM ) 

                      It is implemented by organizations to maintain campaign and leads, sales force automation and to provide quality customer service and support.

Supply chain management

                 ERP for wholesalers and Distributors should have a deep functionality than your normal ERP software. The process of maintaining business operation between manufacturers, suppliers, Wholesalers, Distributors, retailers, and customers.Supply chain covers these major areas of business.

Warehouse management system ( WMS )

                  Warehouse management systems enable tracking of Stock location in inventory, inventory level, putting away, optimization of picking, Stock Replenishment. By providing insight into these process WMS supports day-to-day operations.

Transport management system ( TMS )

                     It help's organizations to keep a profile of all contracted carriers, Trade lanes. It provides insight on logistics of the organization. They are effective in both regional and international transportation.

Global trade management ( GTM )

                      It help's in the interaction such as electronic dialogue, Transferring, Transporting and settling accounts across borders between trading partners.

Supplier relationship management ( SRM )

                     Companies use SRM to communicate and collaborate with their suppliers and partners regarding Services, Products, logistics, and Compliance.

Retail and E-commerce

             They help in the sale of products and services to customers and to other business. They include -


  •           Web-based multichannel commerce
  •           Retail and point of sale


Web-based multichannel commerce

                    They are used for both business to business ( B2B ) and also business to customer (B2C) and helps in search, compare and purchase of products.

Retail and point of sale

                   It help's to track, record, analyze data and transaction at the sold location.

Back office operation

                 This is the base for managing, strategizing and organizing an organization. And it is one of the vital parts of wholesale and distribution company. It can be classified into-


  •                     Financials application
  •                     Contract, rebate, and chargeback processing
  •                     Human resources


Financials application                     

                          They help in managing the financial resources of the organization. Which include the following Budgeting, accounting and financial reporting, risk management and collection of accounts receivables. They consist of components like accounts payable, fixed assets, general ledger, cost accounting, accounts receivable, management and financial reporting.

Contract, rebate and chargeback processing

                      Contract management system is one of the important parts of wholesale and distributors ERP.

Human Resources ( HR )

                      It consists of the following functionality Benefit management, personnel management, payroll management, Employee safety, self-service, and health.

              These are the major Component of a Wholesale and Distributor ERP, LaabamOne provides its user all these tools to manage and improve their business. LaabamOne has been made in a way that everyone could easily learn and use it without any difficulty and provides all options needed for wholesalers and Distributors. We can also customize it to suit your every need with our customizable ERP.

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Laabamone ERP Software

laabamone Laabamone Business solutions offer a wide spectrum of products which include Laabamone ERP software.
163C/1, Kamarajar Salai, Opp. to TVS Show room, Near Ganesh Theatre Signal, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, IN
0452 - 4243616


laabamone Madurai, Tamilnadu, IN Laabamone ERP Software
Laabamone ERP Software laabamone
163C/1, Kamarajar Salai, Opp. to TVS Show room, Near Ganesh Theatre Signal, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, IN
0452 - 4243616
Tamilnadu, India

Laabamone ERP Software

Laabamone Business solutions offer a wide spectrum of products which include Laabamone ERP software.
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